Who keeps me up at night?!

“And I am just going to insert this needle into your scalp and you will have no problem with falling asleep” -said my acupuncture doctor after she listened to me complaining about my recent experience of being up all night for the past couple of days. After the treatment we agreed that I will report back to her if I did indeed fall asleep more easily.

Nope. I did not.

You see I usually go to bed around 1o pm then I read a bit then I fall asleep. Pretty ideal routine- I was told. However something has changed over the past three days. And last night I finally figured out why: I have been reading the book “The Formula” by the brilliant network scientist, László Barabási Albert. Truth be told, I have always had a bit of a crush on him. He is my scientist rockstar. I have fallen in love with his research of networks a few years back and have been an avid user and promoter of his results. I have used his methods in mapping organizations, building and transforming communities and cultures at companies -my own and of clients’-, rolling out communication platforms carefully observing how his theories prove right in the process and indeed I have talked about him at every speaking gig I got. He clearly is my hero.

And then I got hold of his new book about the universal laws of success proven by him and his team’s research. As the master of storytelling he recites story after story from all walks of life: arts, science, academia -even his own – to make a point about each of these laws. They are not only relatable but also eye-opening results. Literally. I get so excited by his findings that I keep making notes in my phone. Then I continue with an imaginary dialogue with him, questions swirling about how I can use them with my clients reshaping their mindset. And then I read on and find the answers to some of them while new questions are prompted. And so on, and so on. No wonder I can’t fall asleep, I need to force myself to put it down not to start a marital feud keeping my husband awake too many night in a row. But then I lay awake in the dark, ruminating about what I just read, contemplating new ways to align it with the application we had built. Fascination, amazement, passion keep me up at night.

Sorry doc, I finished it last night at 2 am. Tonight I will succumb to sweet slumber.