My new book Csúcsragadozók - Tabuk és kamuk nélkül a vezetésről was published in September 2023. It provides a candid view on what it really takes to be a leader - with warts and all. It was listed on FORBES 50 best leadership books of 2024.
It will be available in English soon.


I publish articles on LinkedIn every Wednesday. Most of them are in Hungarian. However there are quite a few in English such as these. Just click on “Read post” and enjoy!

Be like a yoghurt!

Yoghurts have a live and active culture and promote health. You can have that too. But how do you know if your company has a

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Generation Why?

It is official! I’ve had enough! This is the last time I am discussing this topic. It seems to take the piss out of many

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He has been sitting there, slumped in his chair, gazing into the distance, slowly quieting down after being totally psyched out. A CEO of an

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