"Enough is enough!"

My book on burnout "Enough is enough!" was published in September, 2021. It is available in Hungarian only at the moment but the English version is in the making as we speak. I will let you know, when it is ready.

Just to brag: it jumped to 2nd place on the bestseller list right away. People loved it, so all 5000 copies were sold out in a month and needed to be re-printed. Not bad, eh?


My new book Csúcsragadozók - Tabuk és kamuk nélkül a vezetésről has been published in September 2023. It provides a candid view on what it really takes to be a leader -with warts and all. English translation comes next year.


I publish articles on LinkedIn every Wednesday. Most of them are in Hungarian. However there are quite a few in English such as these. Just click on “Read post” and enjoy!

Be like a yoghurt!

Yoghurts have a live and active culture and promote health. You can have that too. But how do you know if your company has a

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Generation Why?

It is official! I’ve had enough! This is the last time I am discussing this topic. It seems to take the piss out of many

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He has been sitting there, slumped in his chair, gazing into the distance, slowly quieting down after being totally psyched out. A CEO of an

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