The pros and cons of being hybrid. What are employees thinking?

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By far the biggest honour and highlight of last year was the invitation by the brilliant young designer Julia Horvath to contribute to GAHSP MEDIA latest edition with an article on staying grounded and silver lining. Being listed among these groundbreaking, vibrant and progressive artists was truly a joy. I hope you'll like it, coz hope dies last.

Design Summit

At this year's Design Summit we had an inspiring conversation about the role of cultural transformation at legacy banks and the place of Fintechs in the financial universe. What a fantastic panel it was: Péter Fehér, Dean of Executive Programs at Corvinus University, Liesl Bebb-McKay, Director at BDD and a special shout-out to Remco Veenenberg for keeping the ball rolling. Great event yet again!

Thank you MKB Fintechlab!

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