My company developed developed a mobile application that measures the transformational capacity of organisational cultures and the psychological safety features of its teams. We propose cost efficient, targeted actions and programs based on data analysis, so companies are able to correct the trajectory of their culture.


I run workshops for top and middle management focusing on strategy development, transformation preparation, increasing the efficiency of operation and cooperation. My recently developed courses target burnout prevention and creating psychologically safe environments for teams.


These events are held digitally and anyone can join them. Tackling corporate taboos and encouraging out of the box thinking are at the forefront of these programs. Some of the courses that I am running:

  • Reboot - a different take on leadership

  • Why the fuck did I want to be a manager?

  • Women's hour

  • Workshop on cursing I-II.

These events are announced on LinkedIn or on this website.


(Lose the labels please. This is not coaching, not mentoring, and not therapy either.) Due to packed schedule, I can allocate a very limited amount of time to individual clients. Those who work with me search to find a solution to their problems, or their dilemmas, or they want to reach a particular goal. They are just as success-oriented as I am. Those who want to see spectacular results in a short period of time, are the ones who I prove to be an asset for. I ask a lot of questions, I make you work in a no bullshit zone. If you still insist on working with me, send me a message with the title: Consultation-waiting list. 


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